Namu Amida Butsu

This work is especially dedicated to Zuiken Saizo Inagaki, who sheds light on the pristine and original teachings of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhism) for many people, including myself. I regard him as my soul teacher and I am very much influenced by his words and thoughts, which are deeply imbued with the Wisdom of Compassion of Amida Buddha. I read most of his writings available in Chinese language and I wish to share some of his golden words in this blog in English. Rev. George Gatenby and Mr. Gabriel Schlaefer have been kindly and untiringly assisting me to edit the translated essays so that they are readable and true to the intent of Sensei. May all partake of the wisdom of Shinshu teaching and be overpowered by the light of Amida Buddha.

Namu Amida Butsu!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The True Essence of Anjin (Hymn 3/13)

Do not conceive of shinjin
Outside the six-syllable Command;
Do not seek after peace of mind (anjin)
Outside the Call, which is true and real.
The truth and reality of the Tathagata is “Saving you!”—
The Call true and real, all-embracing and non-forsaking.
The truth and reality of “Should (they) not be born there,”
Essentially is my anjin!
Other than this Command true and real,
(There is) no Perfect Enlightenment.
The command of the Tathagata true and real
And the “Faith” true and real are not different.
Relying on the Call of the all-embracing Vow-power
I feel content, my mind at peace (anjin)!
Becoming the master of the virtue of the Jewel (Name)
The Primal Vow-power fills my body.
The realization of the true and real Tathagata
Is the manifestation of the true and real Teaching
The true and real Teaching—Namo Amida Butsu
The true and real Call
Namo Amida Butsu—saying the Nembutsu
Namo Amida Butsu—shinjin, Birth
Namo Amida Butsu.
“New Year’s Day! Namo Amida Butsu. All things are satisfied.”
Do not hear the truth and reality of the Tathagata
While recklessly wishing to discard the doubtful mind.
The mind desiring to acquire shinjin and anjin
Is the unconstructive self-power calculation.
The truth and reality of the compassionate Parent—Namo Amida Butsu
The truth and reality of the Vow is not false.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Asking for or grabbing shinjin is a great doubt

Asking for or grabbing shinjin is a great doubt for you miss seeing the Tathagata!

Zuizen in gassho.

Grabbing shinjin?

"Delusion is the nature (substance) of bonbu, no mind outside this delusion." ~ Genku

Grabbing shinjin? (Ask who is grabbing it.) Foolish! Doubt!

Other than the call of Namo Amida Butsu, "Just as you are, as you stand there!" no shinjin.

Zuizen in gassho.

We simply are content with hearing Namo Amida Butsu

In Jodo Shinshu, we simply are content with (at peace with) hearing Namo Amida Butsu. 

How grateful and moving!

Zuizen in Gassho.

The True Nembutsu Cannot Not Be Uttered

“Practice” is Namo Amida Butsu (the virtue-power of the Name),
“Faith (SHIN)” is the Primal Vow-power of the Tathagata (The virtue-power of the Name).

“Practice” and “Faith” are nondual and inseparable. We say that “We will be saved by saying the Nembutsu,” but the people who say the Nembutsu (SHOMYO NEMBUTSU) are rare. No matter how hard those without Shinjin try to say the Nembutsu, they cannot say it, as the true Nembutsu cannot be uttered. Those with Shinjin say the Nembutsu naturally; this is termed “the Nembutsu that flows out from the ocean of Shinjin.” As “it flows out from the ocean of Shinjin,” Practice and Shinjin are nondual and inseparable.


Thursday, September 22, 2016


The water drops drip ... drip ... drip ... drip ... dribbling down,
And are blossoming into ripples on the water.
Zuizen in Gassho

Dribbling down is the reality of "ki" (object, like us with heavy evil karma).
The hell will be transformed into the Lotus Pond signifies the inconceivable Buddha's wisdom or "ho"(Dharma of Amida).
Ki and ho are one, kiho-itai.
Zuiken Sensei says, "To the extent that 'no matter what you do you will not acquire shinjin', you will be accepted and taken in by ‘How could I let you fall down? If you fall down, let's see!"
Yes, fall and let's see ....(And are blossoming into ripples on the water - The hell will be transformed into the Lotus Pond)

Friday, September 16, 2016

What's Namo Amida Butsu?

Amida Buddha Tathagata is the single Suchness of all things, the absolute truth (the Dharma-body as Suchness). Also, He is the functioning or temporal body for the sentient beings (the Dharma-body as compassionate means).
The Buddha-body that is both the absolute truth as well as the functional body, manifested as Namo Amida Butsu.
~from The Call by Zuiken Sama~